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Hello, my name is Margo Vice. I’m a happily married mother of three beautiful children. My oldest daughter is in college, my son is 13 and my youngest daughter  is 8. They are my motivation to help be successful and why I understand the importance of being healthy and fit.

I’ve been in the fitness industry for 20-plus years. I’ve seen pretty much every Walk of Life to those that are desperate to lose weight, to those who just want to feel good when they wake up in the morning, to those who want to keep up with their grandchildren, and to those who just need that little motivational push because they know they won’t be able to do it on their own. I pride myself in helping every individual reach their goals. I do so through listening to their needs and their wants. But I also study their bodies to see what’s going to be the best route for them to take to reach their goal.

I have enjoyed working in the fitness industry for so many reasons; the camaraderie, the importance of an individual’s health, and seeing the pride in a person’s face when they reach their goal and knowing I had something to do with that. I started out as a Coach for local high school and I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology- Sports Management with an Minor in Health.

I would love the opportunity to help you live a healthy lifestyle, boost your confidence and reach your individual goals! Schedule a FREE Consultation to get started today. 

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As a middle aged mother of 3, I have competed in Fitness bikini competitions at the age of 40 and 43. I did this for many reasons, but mainly when I started, it was to show people my age that no matter the number that you are or the obstacles in your life, if you put your mind to a goal, YOU WILL REACH IT! It was definitely challenging but rewarding. I was so proud of myself to get to that point but more importantly, I loved that I was a motivational factor for others to help start their Fitness journey.

I understand it’s not everybody’s goal to get on stage for a competition. Everybody has their unique goal and I can help you reach your particular individual goal. Let me help motivate you and get to that goal that you’ve been wanting to reach! I WILL get you there, my friend!

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