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Fitness & The Bottom Line

Corporate wellness isn’t a new concept, but one that has moved into the forefront in the minds of many businesses today. Since health care costs continue to sky rocket and the economy remains challenging, business owners and managers are being forced to look at all costs related to their number one asset – their employees! 

The benefits of fit employees are numerous for both the employer and the employee. There are many benefits from a monetary stand point such as the fit employee is less likely to get sick. Reduced absenteeism and reduced health care expenditures top the list.

Other benefits include having employees with more energy. This energy allows the employee to stay focused at work.  A healthy and fit employee also tends to have a higher level of self-confidence in themselves and inspires confidence in others around them. Employees, who know how to set fitness goals and stay motivated to exercise, will also be goal-oriented at work. Leading a life with a good attitude and less stress is also a benefit of a healthy and fit employee.


Our Solution

At Studio X, we offer a complete system of Fitness, Nutrition and Support. Members work with a Trainer daily and are guided through diverse workouts. We provide our clients with easy to follow meal plans and track their progress accordingly. Our unparalleled support system will help keep members engaged and hold fast to their goals.

Members begin with a fitness assessment to identify any muscle imbalances, disclose past injuries and discuss our short & long term goals. We track our clients measurements, weight, body fat percentage and start by setting a 90 day “SMART” goal; Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Our exercise modalities change monthly to prevent plateau. All fitness levels are welcomed as the Trainer will provide modifications as needed. 


The Partnership 

We believe that our services can have a positive impact to businesses’ bottom line and help employees flourish in all aspects of life. Studio X is offering a 20% discount on our Group & Personal Training Memberships to our business partners’ staff and immediate family.

Employees are welcome to join our current programs or we can create a private bootcamp exclusively for your staffStudio X can develop a private program for your staff with a minimum of 10 participants and up to 30.. We’ll confirm employment by the individual’s work ID and get them moving right away! 

Contact us below to further discuss this great opportunity.

*Studio X is a registered Texas Health Spa and is insured and bonded.